The Violet Covered Teacup


A story about love from a very important time in the author's own childhood. This richly illustrated book tells the story of a small girl named Amy, her relationship with her beloved grandmother and her grandmother's passing. Amy and her mother travel to Indiana, where grandmother was born, to attend her funeral. There, Amy encounters members of her family she has never met and hears many more stories of her grandmother's life. Before returning home Amy is given a gift that she will cherish for the rest of her life. A gift of love with a special surprise.

As a grandmother, I know children love to hear stories about their parents and grandparents. The Violet-Covered Tea Cup is a story from my own childhood to share with my grandchildren and other children as well. - Merilee Cameron


I believe that all important events in our human lives will repeat themselves, many times during our lifetimes. I believe that beautiful "mawmaw" Mary F. Collier knew that when Merilee was born; that loving kindness had come to live in her family. Now Mother Earth is very happy and she waits for Merilee's next books.
Thank you Merilee.
With Loving Blessings,
- Joseph Beautiful Painted Arrow Rael

Thank you so much for The Violet-Covered Teacup. I found it beautifully written and illustrated. I hope Merilee writes more. 

-Pam Stang, Psychotherapist, London, U.K.

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